Saturday, September 30, 2006


OK, it's not modelling, but hey, I got up early to take this shot of Duchess of Sutherland coming north on its way to Scarborough.

Layout progress has mainly involved a trip to Derby to find that the model shop was unexpectedly closed (nothing on their website about this though!). huh!

Have also cut up 3 cereal boxes into strips ready for scenery, attached a piece of plywood under the site of UB114 and filled the resulting difference in height with polyfilla. Have also sawn down the piers of UB114 to the correct height and curavture.

Once the polyfilla is dry overnight, I can then glue the piers of UB114 in and then get the heights of the other piers right and attach them too. Of course, the baby could come and all these best laid plans could come to nothing, but hey that'll be cool too! Tomorrow we are exactly one week past the due date so it's got to come soon....!


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