Sunday, November 19, 2006

The lay of the land

3 things today:

1)Dreamt up (literally) a design for the traverser, which requires a trip to B+Q tomorrow to verify the exact depths of various bits of pine, plywood and hardboard, but the design should work fine and will be fairly easy to build. Drawing to be posted here soon.

2) Decided that a section of the board 3 will need to be cut out and lowered to help the layout look more like the real thing. See image above - the track level is above the car park and the height difference will allow for the steps/ramp to be modelled. This is a relatively easy job, but will wait until I have completed the wiring and ballasting, as it requires the board to be split from the others temporarily.

3) Collated the bits together for the Rhyd Ddu station shelter, colloquially known as the 'wendy house'. I will be putting this together over the next few days. All the measurements have been scaled from official drawings and this should be a relatively easy piece of scratch building. Watch this space!!

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Leslie said...

This view is similar to when my dad and I were there in May. It's always the case that the one thing you need to check is not on the photos you you took & that you're 150 miles away when you need it!!