Saturday, November 04, 2006

Wire we happy?

Massive progress today, aided by the skills of Dad and David. A slideshow follows:

All 5 point motors were screwed down, their switches attached and tested and the pins cut off to the correct length at track level...

All baseboard joins were soldered and tested with a bogie coach.

The first D connector was assembled and used between boards 1 and 2.

A number of feeds were drilled, soldered and run back to chop blocks, ready for wiring back to the control panel.

All switches (point levers, sections and isolators) were installed on the panel and many holes were drilled ready for LEDs and LED holders were put in ready. Unfortunately, due to a late change of mind on one isolating section (added for extra operational flexibility), we were one isolation switch short...

Also... the DIN plugs for both controllers were wired up and a couple of track issues were also sorted. Holes for all feeds and frog feeds have now been drilled too.

Tomorrow morning will see more feeds being put together...


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