Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Silflor - long grass, provided in various colours and available in small sheets from international models - http://www.internationalmodels.net/acatalog/Main_Catalogue_Index_Silflor_53.html

This could well be a good base for the wild upland grass around Rhyd Ddu and provides the long strands that I've been looking for. Alternatives could be old-style carpet underlay, Noch static grass (mega expensive) or a huge mix of woodland scenics coverings interspersed with longer strands of field grass.

Well Noch static grass might be expensive, but this stuff is pretty heavy on the wallet too, so I suspect I'll try it on the lower lying areas of Fridd Isaf before using it around the station. An image of the Fridd Isaf area taken at the weekend is below...

What are your views on long grass - any other ideas anyone out there? - if so, please use the 'comments' section at the bottom of this post to give us your ideas...


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