Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cover your tracks

Some more images of recent progress.

The first section of wall has been detailed around the lower edges so that it blends in with the landscape better (see 2 shots below of both sides), also note the new siding (head shunt).

But the main progress has been with ballasting, which is largely now complete except for the points (thought required to avoid ballast gumming up them).

Indeed my permanent way crew have been busy!

At Ffridd Isaf, the two large bushes that partially hide the wall have been placed.

We visited Crich tramway museum on Sunday and this exhibit was rather relevant I thought!

This is where the carriage is at - ends now satin black and all masking tape off. A few areas have leaked, but should be easy to touch up. Now it needs a roof, glazing and internal detail...


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