Saturday, July 26, 2008

Seeing red

Some interesting progress has been made on carriages too recently... Dad is helping me learn about this as I have quite a number of carriages to get through if I want a few rakes of FR and WHR stock, not to mention heritage and WHR(P) stuff.

The three carriages in primer are No. 1000 (the first carriage I ever soldered together [it shows]), 103 (the buffet car that once was) and 116 (which has just emerged from Boston Lodge with totally different windows). Why prime these three - easy practice and it doesn't matter if I get it wrong! Look out for 103 and 116 on ebay soon!

Anyway, the carriage behind the primed ones is the subject of this post. It was primed by Dad and then I selected a halfords car paint (Ford Ivory) for the cream windows etc. This was sprayed all over. Then we masked off the parts that were to stay ivory and sprayed the carriage with BR crimson from a railmatch enamel can. Except that the crimson came out buffer beam red! Disaster! Also, being enamel we couldn't then spray some Nissan red (closest colour later found at halfords) on top. On a trip to the model shop, we found a railmatch pot of the same colour, and found it to be fine. So this was purchased and two coats were painted on by Dad. Tomorrow I shall remove the masking tape (tamiya) and fingers crossed, we should be close to a painted carriage (well the ends need to be black yet, but that should be easy).

Once I've got one done, I then hope to open up a kind of batch working - getting 5 or 6 into primer, then ivory etc... watch this space.


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