Friday, July 11, 2008

A quick update

Today I have:

- Lightened the Ffridd Isaf rocks with a white flood wash, which has been very effective in improving the colouring.

- Finished off the rear of the stream bridge with filler on the edges of the walling.

- Finished the application of hairy carpet felt over all boards. A few areas may need some extra where gaps appear after trimming, but that is phase 2.

- Smashed to pieces bits of slate to create smaller bits (scale size)

- Taken up the disappointing slate path (which still hadn't dried underneath after about a month!), this has left a nice base though and a new method for the path is being considered using the above mentioned bits of slate

- Re coloured the Pitts Head road a lighter grey with talcum powder to add texture (I promise this is the last time I'm going to repaint that!).

- Added further small talus around the rocks, clogging up my spray bottle in doing so.


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