Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lunchtime wiring update

It’s just about lunchtime and I’m pleased to report that all 4 tortoises are nearing completion.  1 has been tested, and despite the frog polarity being wrong, works perfectly.  [why is it always the case that you wire them up the wrong way round??].

The other 3 have had their inputs from the lenz accy decoder added, rectified by diodes.  These have been tested and also work fine.  Now it just remains to sort out the frog polarity feeds and on one of the motors, the LED point indicator.

If you’re wondering why I’m modelling today, this is because I am currently on gardening leave having resigned from my job yesterday.  It’s yet to be confirmed, but I may possibly have 3 months of this – plenty of modelling time!


Michael Campbell said...

That's an extreme way on ensuring the layout is ready for EXPO-NG!

Colin Lea said...

indeed! I do have another job to go to btw!