Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Is not a word.  But I have decided to (whilst I’m at it) replace the final 3 hoffmanns with tortoises due to the following factors:

- ability to alter the throw length of the tortoise, which you can’t on a hoff

- ease of installation

- reliability – needed for exhibition conditions

- far better quality of throw arm – the red plastic retainers are very brittle on a hoff

- 4 screws keeping it in position not just 2

- excellent warranty

- natty removable connectors which make maintenance easy (removing for over winter storage?) and avoid any issues with heat affecting the tortoise during soldering.

The only issue I have found with them is the depth under the baseboard, which exceeds the depth of my woodwork, but with some extra protection to ensure they are not knocked, I feel this is the way to go.  bye bye hoffs.

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