Sunday, May 22, 2011

Going the extra mile

Progress has been slow due to extreme work commitments but I have managed to source another pot of the paint I used for the roadway surfaces (crown fashion for walls herringbone) which was difficult a few years after I bought the first pot!

I have also found 8 small brass screws which will be used to secure the rails across the new board joint, a departure from the copper strip method that gave so many issues with shorts. It should also be more secure.

A piece of 40 thou plastikard has been glued in place to create the base surface for the road too. Today I hope to paint this and secure the track in place, which would be good. Then testing can commence before ballasting and painting the track with sleeper grime.

The rest of the carriages have been titivated ready for spraying, but I'll wait until I can use Dad's spray booth for that. That was a whole evening's work alone.

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