Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Snapper happy!

Carriage progress.

The langley kit for the ex L&B snapper bar carr (looks like a brake but it isn't), that I've had in the drawer half complete for a while has had some work done to it.

I've filled the holes in the roof, added clips to make the roof removable and soldered on the long footboards both sides. A few details on the ends, the interior and handrails remain to be completed. I have yet to decide whether to use the included bogies which are ok or to swap to the superb greenmax bogies I usually add to my Worsley works FR stock.

Also being prepared for a spraying session are FR carrs 104, 106, 112, the new 116, 122, 124 plus vans 4 and 5.

The WHR ex C&U mess Carr/brake is also stored ready for a respray as the first attempt was rather too pinky.

Half made up and in the drawer are obs 100 and 102 but these need roofs attaching/forming so they are a little behind.

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