Monday, June 14, 2010

Carry on…

Little chance to do much modelling over the weekend as the new kitchen took up most of my time.  The end is in sight for that project though!

Mostly I’m been preparing stuff for Monday’s super painting session.  Vale of Ffestiniog had unfortunately had its roof put on the wrong way around meaning the exhaust holes were in the wrong place.  After careful consideration I decided that to unsolder the roof would likely mean that the roof would not look as tidy when reaffixed and it could be potentially damaging to other bits too.  Thus I have filled the holes and will drill and square up some apertures in the correct place.


I own two Pickering brakes – the first (below in brass) was bought second hand but had to be stripped and rebuilt so frankly I may as well have bought the kit new(!).  It has now had its lamp tops added.  The small amount of superglue that is shown up by the flash on my camera will be cleaned up once dry.


The other Pickering was ‘inherited’ from the late Dr Ben Fisher and has been prepped for a repaint.  The glazing was removed and roof (in one piece) separated.  This is a great model apart from the unusual livery.


The two full height NWNGR Summer cars had low lamp tops added…


and long bowsider No. 20 had vents added above the doors – a very tedious job as they are so small! 6 per side.


The zoo car, bug No. 1 had its mesh soldered on.  I think this looks great.


and NWNGR brake No.1 had lamp tops added and truss rods (not visible in this shot) added too.


Finally car 1000 (ex FR 100) had its roof soldered on and end domed section created in filler.


There remain 5 sets of truss rods to add on some carriages and also some work to consider what details need adding before painting on K1, the two funkeys and 87.

Still lots to do!

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