Friday, June 18, 2010

Truss rods


Have been playing around with truss rods.  My chosen method being 0.45mm wire bent and soldered into place.  The vertical supports are then made up in evergreen plastic strip.  It looks fine and is certainly pretty durable.  Above is the buffet car.  The others include a Pickering brake, two NWNGR summer cars and the Ashbury corridor 25, which are all coming along well.

Dr Ben’s NWNGR Workmens car has had its roof removed so that I can fit in seating and the single partition.  This carriage needs a touch up and the roof replacing, but is otherwise finished.

and in other news, I have taken up my friend Rob Waller’s offer of a couple of his wonderful plastic creations – namely two ex SAR ballast wagons.  His blog at has recently been detailing the construction (scratch building) of these wagons and what beauties they are!  This is great news as they are pretty key features for the layout, given that they are mostly stabled in the Rhyd Ddu yard!  I had been hoping to convert some ex 3mm scale hoppers, but Rob’s models will ensure the models are far more realistic. 

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Zabdiel said...

I didn't know Rob had a blog. Those ballast hoppers look great!

Your coach looks nice too :)