Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Updated colours info

After considering colours and trying to avoid enamels wherever possible I have concluded that:

- Brunswick green is too dark and I will probably use humbrol acrylic RC409 (supposedly malachite green) with a little black to darken it slightly for the Col Stephens and WHR green

- the brick red ends can be created from railmatch 2404 (light rust) with a little extra red (vermillion) added

-  humbrol rc415 is apparently pullman umber but is way too dark, but I reckon with some cream added to it, we could get close.  The cream is easy – 416.

- BR crimson (railmatch) remains my paint of choice for the FR/WHR ‘mercedes’ red.

- humbrol crimson lake (403) is fine but could need a little extra brown in it.

- the maroon used for car 24 may well end up being humbrol 423 (carmine) as it is much darker than the humbrol list depicts.

all of these will be airbushed with tamiya acrylic spray thinner (50:50) used (less surface tension than water).

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Nigel K said...

Thanks for the colour suggestions, I've been pondering what to use for FR red on my Worsley Works bogies.