Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What happened when we spent a day painting

Monday was the first of a couple of mega spray painting days…

Prior to my visit Dad had moved things on by spraying black onto the chassis of 2040-5, 2090, 2010, 2020/1, 2115, 2100 and the combination car.  Dad had also found that the rain strips on the roof of the Romanian carriage (2060) had come loose and had replaced them with soldered phosphor bronze wire. This is obviously much stronger than the previous attempt at melting plastic strip onto the brass with mek pak.


The result of the day was:

Truss rods were finished on a number of vehicles and removed from the summer cars as there is conflicting evidence as to whether they had truss rods, certainly the drawing in Boyd shows them without.  Also they are pretty much impossible to see when running anyway.

Primer/black where appropriate: 26, 2060, 1000, 119, 120, buffet, ash corridor 25, 2 x NWNGR summer cars, 2 x Pickering brakes, No.1 NWNGR brake, 2 FR bugs plus zoo car

WHR summer car No. 24 had its seats painted natural wood and lamp tops added on.  This is a kit bash of a Vale of Rheidol coach and so does not require priming.

Ivory for the window frames was then sprayed onto: 101, 113, 119, 120, 26, 2060, combination car, 2040-5, 2090, 2010.  We only masked the roofs off for this, as the red livery will then be over painted.

On two carriages we left the ivory to be hand painted as there was very little to paint: 2020/1.

As a bit of fun the flying bench was primed and then sprayed in railmatch red.

2100 had its body sprayed with precision paints blackberry black although this will require another coat at least.

Afterwards all the chassis were taken back home and will be hand painted inside with acrylics and seated people will be added.  Also they will have their bogies and couplings added/reattached.

The new colour of 2115 may cause some trouble as the lighter brown shade chosen is very different to the normal pullman umber.  I will have to consider options here.  We also need a good paint for the the Colonel Stephens era brick red (used on ends and footboards).  At the moment it looks like humbrol brick red with some extra red added might be an option. The humbrol spray brunswick green I have looks too dark.

Roofs will be hand painted in various shades of off white, grey and black.

Prior to painting we have revised our methods and the previous method of vim cleaning is now replaced with a brush on product called Model clean from JLTRT which is well good.  Brush it on, let it dry and then wash off with water and it cleans, neutralises and degreases.

Funny moment of the day came when I was spraying with the obligatory mask on.  I was trying to talk at the same time and Dad said I was harder to understand that Emmanuel Adebayor on world cup match of the day!

All insides are now back home for red painting and for the addition of seated people.

Below are some images of the scale of the operation:

P1090307 P1090300 P1090301 P1090302 P1090303 P1090304 P1090305 P1090306

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