Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Station board moved into study

Last night I moved the station board into the study for final detail to be added such as the water tower strapping (hence the brass wire shown) and the addition of a better container.  Ballast was dug out for the container and tonight track will be laid into it and fed.  Then the new board joins between this board and the yard board will be set up and the 4 floating rails on the yard board will be soldered to copper clad.


I have also set a date with Dad for the first all-day mega painting session which consists of me taking a day off work and creating a production line for the mass spraying of carriages as follows:

- cleaning and preparation

- grey primer

- body ivory (except roof)

- chassis matt black

- panelling red (leaving windows ivory)

[obviously this example is for the saloons and is different for other vehicles such as the Pullmans and Col Stephens stock etc]

Not all carriages will be able to be finished in one session by any means but a proportion are already at the primer stage so they may be able to be finished, whereas others will only make it to the primer stage.

Final detailing (to be finished by me at home) once the final livery is complete will include glazing, the installation of seated people and tables, couplings, vac pipes etc

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