Thursday, June 03, 2010

Light me up

Progress has been restricted over the bank holiday weekend due to my time being used to build a new kitchen.  Even so, some work has been possible:

- The hidden sidings and next door hidden board have been erected in the garage ready for final works to align tracks and finish these hidden sections

- Trackwork on the yard board is finished and has been tested with a carriage bogie for stray ballast on the rails.  A few areas will be painted again with sleeper grime following the removal of some stray ballast stones which took the paint with them, but this is a quick ten minute job.

- The interior of the buffet car has continued to make progress with internal partitions created.

- and the major update today relates to lighting.  A length of aluminium tube arrived and was duly cut into 5 x 180mm pieces.  5 ikea study lamps have been put together and these slip nicely into the aluminium tube.  The tube will be attached to the baseboards via clips that have been ordered and are on their way.  This element is now not a concern.

- the key areas of work in the next few weeks are to finally align the boards and finish the hidden sidings.  Then the whole layout can be erected and final detailing finished.

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