Saturday, June 16, 2007

Going haywire (send three and fourpence, we're going to a dance)


Massive progress this weekend, aided significantly by the presence of Dad and David as reinforcements [hence the title!].

So, what did we get done?

- Adding isolating joiners where isolated sections are required (with great difficulty to start with) - the tip here is to do it whilst laying the track in the first place, not afterwards!
- The re-doing of some now 'dodgy' board joins due to expansion/settling since they were first completed. Ballasting will help keep these in place!
- Filed checkrails on points to allow all stock to pass without riding up on them (a known problem with peco points).
- Glued the water tower bases down.
- Filled 6 more hillside sections with newspaper balls and held them down with masking tape
- Glued rocks alongside the stream at the base of the slope as per the prototype.
- Glued weetos box strips across parts of the hillside to create banks before merging it into the newspaper ball bits.
- Added two more spines between the two streams ready to mould that part of the landscape.
- Glued two extra locating pieces for the roof of the 90 degree board.
- Agreed that Point indicator board will now sit in the control panel to reduce the number of wires having to go back and forth from panel to layout.
- Soldered all feeds, tie overs, isolators and frogs to the track, completing all wiring at the track level. This was a massive step forward and now allows the painting of rails and ballasting to be started...

Some images are below...

Lots of wires (!) - colour coded as follows: point motor related (green), isolators (blue), feeds (yellow and red).

Massive thanks to Dad and Dave!


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