Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Quick update

Some quick progress tonight:

- The lettering on my tri-ang 3mm scale bulk ore wagons was removed using the cunning method of white spirit on a cotton wool bud - it really works!

- Four 10mm holes were drilled for the triangular baseboard piece to be held onto the layout. I need to buy some more wing nuts before I can be sure of this will hold, or whether a leg will also be necessary.

- The roadway was slightly repositioned to meet the new triangular piece in the corner and to reflect the fact that the roadway is slightly narrower than I thought. Dave Kent (top man!) to measured it for me - he lives on Fridd Isaf farm.

- I bought some different masking tape from B+Q as the last roll had taken to unsticking overnight. The new stuff is different, but somehow I suspect it will also unstick. I may therefore have to finish the masking tape when I do the modroc so it doesn't have time to come unstuck!

- I started real planning for the Fridd Isaf boards, considering the heights and method of construction for this section - more soon on this...


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