Monday, June 04, 2007

More progress


I now have 10 spines complete, 2 new sub-spines closely aligned to the 2 major spines that make up the tallest section of scenery (necessary to help the modroc form into the right shape) and 4 more spines which carry the scenery over the final board to the side of the hidden sidings.

4 are gluing as I write this and the other 2 will be set off gluing tomorrow morning before work, meaning that by the evening, all 16 spines will be complete and can then be glued in place.

I also purchased one more 70mm pine 2m strip from B+Q for the triangular piece that will carry the backscene across the 90 degree turn on the L shape of the layout. This allows the backscene to be at 45 degrees, rather than having an obvious right angle. It will be constructed when the Fridd Isaf board is erected, which will probably be after the wiring is completed and just before the spines are created for the hilly section.


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