Monday, June 18, 2007

Stuffing the strut


Is that title a Spoonerism?

First piece of interesting stuff is my Father's Day present (it's cool being a Father - you get presents thrice a year now!). Good book - full colour, hot of the press and £15 from the Ffestiniog Railway shop or via

Just before David left, he helped me erect the Fridd Isaf board so I can construct the triangular shaped piece mentioned before. I'v egot the wood, measured that the first side was to be 29.5 mm, got my mitre block out and then realised that the rubbish IKEA mitre block only fitted wood up to 50mm wide and this is 70mm! Will have to invest in a better one, so that job's on hold for the moment...

I then carried on stuffing between the spines with newspaper and covering it with masking tape. 3 rolls of tape have now been fully used and I've run out - with one spine left to do... I did however manage to glue the culvert in place (to the right in the photo below):

An overall shot of the layout now shows the clear 'bump' above the rock face. cool eh!

and finally a track-level view of the hillside...


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