Wednesday, June 20, 2007

So, what next?


The next jobs to be completed are:
  • Calculating the number of wires that need carrying across each board join and to the control panel - this was done yesterday on the train and showed that 33 wires go between the panel and board 2 and 24 between boards 2 and 3.

  • Painting the rail sides with enamel paint (leather)

  • Completing the hillside base (awaits purchase of extra masking tape), followed by the adding of modroc over the completed hillside

  • Constructing the triangular piece on the side of the 'L' shape made by boards 4 and 5 (awaits a better mitre block)

  • Calculating the heights of scenery around Fridd Isaf and cutting out spines (calcs ongoing)

  • Wiring LEDs to control panel (a job for a rainy day)

  • Ballasting....

On this issue (ballasting), I have recently come across a new product called "Brush It On" which is available from Modellers Mecca.

Below is a shot of a layout (the onehouse model railway) using this product:

The following was posted on an online forum: It comes as a powder and contains particles of glue. Just mix it with water and lay it on the track. Then you have to run some cardboard along the inside of the rails to remove excess from the rails. Any remnants of ballast on the insides of the track will make itself heard as a rumbling sound when the train goes past. It takes about a day to dry after which it is rock hard. After it has dried the tops of the rails need sanding with very fine sandpaper to remove any residue.

Certianly worth getting a packet and seeing what it's like, me thinks!

One other thing ... Dad purchased 3 Tri-ang (3mm scale) bulk ore wagons for me recently (why, I hear you ask?). Well this is beacause they are pretty good candidates for conversion to 009 to act as a representation of the WHR (ex SAR) ballast wagons. With a new bogie chassis )something like this - and some extra plasticard angle, they will do a pretty good job I reckon... Images below.


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