Friday, August 01, 2008

Born again layout

Now that I've made the switch to DCC, I really need a decent programming track...and also I could do with a 'round and round' layout for loco running in. Solution? Alter my first layout, which is sitting forlornly in the garage. The layout has been featured on this blog before (search for Nant Gwernol). So, what have I done to it?

The first problem was that the loop point just outside the tunnel was very unreliable as it was an altered N gauge curved point. This has been removed and plain line laid in its place. On the top level a point and two sidings have been added (see below)

This gives me a test track, a round and round running in track and a reliable (now the curved point has gone) shunting layout too. It's all good.

In other news, another attempt has been made at modelling the Larch - this time faller trees - shown below with a Spruce for comparison.

and some very well priced smaller trees were picked up from Bachmann...

The 'plug-in' chop blocks that I'm planning to use for some board join connections have been found again (I've been looking for these for a week!)

The KMX tamper container was sprayed with plastic grey primer (which happens to be the correct colour anyway).

4 holes were drilled in the platform and a test lamp column installed.

and the garage was rejigged again to allow access to the other side of the second Ffridd Isaf board - quite a few bits of rocks have been missed (because I couldn't see them!) and the point needs painting on this side. Note the traffic jam!

and now we come to the kerfuffle of the week... On studying the wiring diagram on a cross country train mid week, I discovered that if the yard point was set for the yard, you couldn't run round the train in the loop. This is a minor operational issue, but would likely be annoying the few times you wanted to use it. Thus I needed to remove some normal joiners and replace them with isolated ones and then add a new feed. So I dug up the point in question and promptly broke the frog in lifting it! So a new point had to be purchased and added (now done), but this now needs ballasting and rails step forward, one back...
But at least the Pitt's Head road walls have been added too (baked to 160 degrees C in the oven and then bent to shape). Further scenic work will hide the joins!


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