Sunday, August 17, 2008

'State of the nation' or 'ya'll this is where I'm at'

Some shots up and down the layout (the Ffridd Isaf board is now safely stored having been worked up to a standard where it just needs final finishing). Firstly the yard area, which is receiving weathering for that mass of ballast and the start of bushes behind the walls. The ground frame and cabinet are just placed on for now.

The main station board - note the now grey KMX shed. The black car park bit you can see is a busch self adhesive product, which will be used to cover any small imperfections in my initial car park surface and to ensure the car park spaces look well demarcated. This will be painted to make the harsh black a more prototypical grey and to tone the white lines down a bit too.

The first part of Ffridd Isaf and the gradient starts...

The state of the DCC test track, the layout formerly known as 'Nant Gwernol'. Secondary ballasting just drying plus some extra scenery added to the lower section.

The first traverser to get its 6 roads, now all it needs is some stock!

So, overall:

- Woodwork 99% complete (small amount of sanding and fettling may be necessary)
- Electrics 80% complete (need to add controller when purchased [easy], add the replacement points decoder board [a simple case of screwing wires that have already been added to terminals] and the hidden sidings wiring).
- Base scenery 90% complete (car park area to come)
- Detail scenery 30% complete, much more to do here but most materials in stock ready
- Buildings 10% complete (this is the next area to concentrate on - the platform shelter (material sin stock), water towers (braithwaite panel etches for worsley works ready next week hopefully), station lighting (easy) etc
- Fencing and walls 40% complete (main roadside walls done, but fencing not yet started, although some in stock)

and for rolling stock:

- Carriage and waggon department - lots of carriages are soldered up and a few evenings spent cleaning up, washing and spraying will produce a few initial rakes in primer. Paints mostly in stock.
- Loco department (getting there with a couple of engines ready to go and others very close. Need to accelerate work on K1 and on painting (familiar theme there then!). Only one DCC chipped chassis is ready, so en-masse decoder fitting also required.

So, I think that my original goal to have the layout operational, materially complete and to have at least a few complete trains ready for Easter 2009 is achievable, the main issue now being loco and carriage painting.



stephen said...

Looks like its really coming together, well done! Got any exhibitions lined up yet? :)

Colin Lea said...

none booked. The layout won't be going to many - in fact I may limit it to narrow gauge only - that's if anyone will invite me??

stephen said...

I'll put in a good word for you for Swanley.