Saturday, August 16, 2008

EGM review

I attended the EGM (called to elect a new sec and chair for the 009 society) in Birmingham today.

Lots of images, so for ease I have uploaded them here:

There were some really nice layouts:

Roestok - super locos including that magnificent NG15, a K1 (not backwoods - but a golden arrow kit bashed and with custom chassises), two gorgeous class 91s (yes they're big!) and multi coloured NGG16s. Super.

Mannin Middle (nice name for a layout with a man in the middle!)- an Isle of Man layout was super too, even though I'm not really in to 3 foot gauge.

Porthladd - a lovely little Ffestiniog inspired freelance layout - the Hunslet ladies (Blanche and Linda) both had had outside frames added and a good tip was told - use 1.5mm drill bits from B+Q for the extended axles.

Pferdhugal - finally I meet with Blair - we've been chatting on the 'new railway modellers' forum for a while. A 'bell shaped' layout (not sure if that's the correct term), but basically it means you get scenery both sides, which I had not really seen before. Then there was Wood End, which was also a bell shaped layout!

Ziller Valley in HOe made good use of the considerable ready to run stock available of the Zillertalbahn and I'd love to visit the real thing some time soon!

The traders were good - Worsley Works, Parkside Dundas, 009 sales stand and a new one to me - and N gauge chassis trader who may hopefully solve a problem I have with a chassis for the Lyd2 WHR(P) polish diesel.

The 009 sales stand was a little disappointing in that a few items I had hoped would come up didn't, but I still managed to spend a fair amount on useful bits!


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