Sunday, August 31, 2008

From the works

Firstly, from the Gloucestershire works...Dad has made a grand job of Merddin Emrys... nearly complete now.

and I've been carrying on with K1 - here below are the frames and gearbox former, both with rivets pushed out, bearings in, overlays added on the frames and the bearings filed down to be flush.
and Taliesin has made strides forward. The body is now nearly complete with handrails drilled out, the toolbox added and other details prepared. Other good news is that a new chimney is on the way (the rogue chimney I had been given is from Blanche!).

On the chassis, Dad came up this weekend to weave some magic and we added wheels, crankpins, gears, layshaft and coupling rods. The brake hangers were laminated and the chassis checked for squareness. The quartering was done and the worm prepared too.

We have had fun and games with the crankpin bushes and screws though due to the very tight clearances around the piston rod...further work is necessary as we run out of time, but tonight I have also attached the pivot outrigger and reamed out one coupling rod a little more so that the screw fits inside it, giving a little more clearance. However, in doing so I appear to have created a slight bind in the reverse direction. It doesn't happen on every revolution, but only every 6 or 7, so I am stumped as to why. I guess the quartering may be slightly out when I reattached the coupling rod??


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