Sunday, August 24, 2008

The engine room

I have recently taken the plunge and, after much practice of etched brass soldering techniques (mainly on carriages), I have started 2 backwoods loco kits. First up is Taliesin. I have soldered the inner tank formers, cab front and sides to the running plate (which has had the distinctive 'joggle' added too) and I have also affixed the ashpan and a bogie pivot underneath and out of sight in the photo. The bunker former has also been added and 4 12BA captive nuts have been added (and tapped out to remove any traces of solder). The boiler has been filed down and the smokebox door added.

Next I'll be tackling the valance and the tank sides (after annealing them). A number of other parts such as the rear trailing bogie have been cut out, cleaned up and are ready.

The other kit is K1. I bought this second hand (at the Shepton Mallet show) and one set of cylinders had been already made up (pretty well it looks). I have made the following progress:
  • Carrier frame sides and central spacer added, plus white metal detail underneath
  • Boiler front attached (and smokebox door attached to that) and the smokebox wrapper soldered around the boiler.
  • Both tanks made up, soldered over formers.
  • The cab made up, again over a cab former
  • The firebox/ashpan section completed including a captive nut and two wrappers. This took most time so far and although I have made a couple of minor errors here I don;t think they will show.
  • Backhead started with firehole door added.

I don't think I'm up to the valve gear work quite yet (reading the instructions makes me quite concerned - filing away part of the back of the slidebar so the con rod can fit in and adding minute bosses to the rods - arrrrgggghhhh), but I am very pleased with how this has gone so far - it certainly proves that a modeller with a bit of soldering experience can make a decent go at the body bits of these kits (which are so often mentioned as too difficult).

Maybe just maybe I'll manage the Taliesin kit....certainly K1 needs Dad's help when we get to 4 lots of valve gear.


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