Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Work plan

The key areas that need work ahead of Expong are:

- Track joins - ensuring these are as good as possible is key to good running and a few may need some extra work, although two which were sub-prime have been replaced during the recent yard relaying.
- Replacement of the far loop point (Waunfawr end) with a DCC friendly version and the installation of the hoff, the final chapter in the track relaying saga
- Replacement of the tamper shed, which is in stock and should be easy - I'm also going to run track inside it which will need an extra feed.
- Backscene - photos taken, collage being worked up. Backup plan is a siomple sky blue colour.
- Lighting - 13mm tubing on order ready for test installation of ikea black lamps into the tubing, secured by a grub screw.
- Hidden sidings - have come on a lot recently but require finishing and the extra storage tracks being laid. This requires the boards to be erected next to their neighbours in the garage. This is likely to happen this weekend.
- Curtains - with Mum for work
- Water tower strappings - brass wire in stock, requires some measuring and soldering up and painting black.
- Carriages - painting to be completed in a couple of days to be booked off work for mega spray days! Detailing, glazing and people installation to follow.
- Locomotives - an area of concern but hope to have 3 NGG16s, 2 funkeys and some other locos (merddin, russell etc) ready.
- Couplings - will be bemo style and many in stock already but an area where little has been done so far.
- Testing - !!
- Preparation for transport - ways of joining two boards together for safety in transit to be investigated.
- T shirts/badges?

Lots to do!

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