Tuesday, February 20, 2007

and another one!


some more...

This is Exdale, in O-16.5, a mineral/passenger line somewhere in England. It was OK, but very nondescript, even boring really. Parts of the scenics let it down, such as the long grass tufts in the picture below...

The 5.5mm people were there too. I've never really understood why there is a need for this scale. Surely 4mm or 7mm is enough choice. It runs on 3mm track )12mm between the rails)which equates closer to 2ft than 009 (which is really 2 foot 3). The problem, is the lack of stock, which means much has to be scratch built. However, I was pleasantly surprised by that now available (see below):

and for some light relief, this cheeky little loco (can I call it that) was spotted next to Aldbourne (more on that lovely layout later). A full 10/10 for comedy value.


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