Wednesday, February 21, 2007

and on, and on (and ariston?)


Remember than ariston ad - whatever happened to them? So, part 4...

Aldbourne in 009. An English narrow gauge railway that was beautifully modelled except that I found it a little boring, looking like an all-too-common standard gauge branch line and the trees on the backscene - what's with them? 8/10

Hampstead Norreys in O-16.5. Nice stock - bugs, GVT tram loco, Harlech Castle etc.

Pagham Harbour in 009. Lovely, curvy nature created interest, scenics were spot on and the stock was good too.

A sprung crossover on Paley Green Tramway (G scale) - very nice indeed.

And finally (for now, another update tomorrow), the quite novel 2mm narrow gauge group's example 'layout'. So small even my young eyes wouldn't know where to start!


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