Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Here's some more, it's number 4

So, number 4 of the 5 best narrow gauge layouts is:

Well, it's another historical prototype. It was close between 'borth y gest' and this layout for the 4th position (I felt I couldn't include both due to the historical stock similarities).

It suffers from that annoying scale fascism I go on about. It's 3/16" (4.76mm) Scale at 9mm Gauge! This is known a S scale and is 19% larger than 4mm scale, allowing the incorporation of more detail, but with clear drawbacks in the number of kits available and inter-use of other people's models on the layout. boo hiss!

The layout is a labour of love: trackwork is laid with individual cast white metal chairs. Whilst the locomotives are scratchbuilt, with split frame chassis and Portescap motors.

The scenics are fabulous - rock faces very believable, slate walls laboriously built up piece by piece and buildings scratch built to model exactly the prototype.

You've guessed it - 'Tan Y Grisiau'

Historical Ffestiniog layouts such as this one do tend to suffer from a restricted pallet - slate grey, some green scenics and a dull red livery on almost all stock! This is also true of 'borth y gest', and it can make these layouts 'boring' to the uninititated. But then it's also correct!!!

This is a true classic layout - most excellent.

There is a photo section in the Railway Modeller Dec 1997 or see


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