Monday, February 26, 2007

stay alive it's number 5!


This is the start of a week of posts on the best of the best 009 layouts. We start with 'Dulas', a lovely model of the Corris Railway. This now resides in the Corris Railway's museum/tearoom.

See for some other photos...

What makes this layout great is the utter believability (helped of course by modelling a real scene, albeit historically). You can really believe you're in the scene when you get down to eye level. The buildings are superbly modelled, scenics are really impressive (including the extraordinary idea of using the hairy fibre bits from coconuts as dead bracken) and there are the 'right' amount of people, sheep and details like phone boxes etc. A super little layout.

The only criticisms I can think of are:

1) That it is a static exhibit in the museum, rather than out and about promoting the railway and top class scenic modelling
2) Some of the slate walls are a bit too regular and flat
3) Some of the background trees aren't quite as believable as other bits of the scenics.

But that's nitpicking really, a top layout and a good start to my week of reviews.

For more info on Dulas, either visit the Corris Railway - or see the Oct 1999 Railway Modeller (there'll be one on ebay!).


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