Thursday, February 22, 2007

last one...


Last post on Shepton Mallet then...

Big Cat Mine Co, a classic now at the show, simple but superbly detailed. Just beautiful. Doesn't seem to have been improved since last year, but is it possible to improve it?? 9/10

Stump City. Odd one this, because previously I have written it off as just another round and round layout (and I'm not much into American lumber layouts). However, my brother David really liked it, which brought the necessary interest and having had a decent look at it, I agree it's actually very well done. See the building above, very nice indeed.
Some cheeky little extendable spots on Tor Farm - nice idea....I wonder where these came from?

Cascade Yard in On3. 3ft gauge Canadian's just Canadian comments to make really...just Canadian stuff.... that I'm not much bothered about...

and finally, Aberfal Mining and Minerals Ltd in another unusual scale of 1/2" to the foot.

Traders? Not bad
- The 009 sale stand is always worth a look (and the cheque book took some serious damage!)
- Worsley works had the new SAR brake van done (so that got snapped up too)
- Two bookstalls were good
- Parkside Dundas were there (but why pay top whack, when you can get the same stuff second hand on the 009 society stand?)
- Backwoods Miniatures (mostly peddling On3/On30 stuff, only the 7mm Beyer-Garratt was on display from non-US prototypes)
- Mercian (had spent all cash by then, so didn't really look, but some of their FR wagons are good and the kit for Welsh Pony is great [if a little pricey])
- In 7mm wrightlines, port wynnstay, the 7mm society sales and others were there and then there were an assortment of traders from the other scales too.

So, not bad at all really, although there wasn't a tools stand or anyone selling woodland scenics (green scene were there, but their stuff is second rate to woodland scenics in my view).

Catering was good, ham rolls at a £1 - bargain. However, I felt overall the layouts weren't as good as previous years (compare Narrow Gauge North in Leeds next month - Dinas Ddu, Tan-yr-allt, Borth-y-gest etc..) and there were a few holes in the trader support. So overall, the exhibition gets 9/10 - it's always nice to have some room for improvement!


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