Monday, February 19, 2007

More from Somerset, hic!


Gosh that Cider's nice, hic!

More from Shepton then...

This is 'Shapwick Moor' in )-16.5. It depicts a narrow gauge line for the peat industry in the Somerset area. Not necessarily my cup of tea (which is typhoo decaf at the mo), but pretty well done.
This is 'Matthews Corner' in the bizarre scale of Gn15 (1:24 on OO track apparently!). It's a small layout with just one point and must be a little boring to operate. However, it shows what can be done in a small area in a fairly large scale. The buildings were very nicely modelled. 8/10
Watt Estate in O-9 (O gauge on 9mm track). It represents a fictitious 15" estate railway, such as that built in 1895 at Eaton Hall.


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