Sunday, May 23, 2010


Today the final point motor was installed and after a little fiddling it worked perfectly.  yes!

P1090247 P1090249

In other news Mum has taken away the 9.5m of dark blue material I bought from a mill in Accrington last year to sew in hems and one side of velcro.  The other (the fluffy side) will be affixed to the layout later.  The idea is that there is one continuous curtain of material around the layout.  Thanks Mum!

Now I’m on to painting track and erecting the hidden sidings on their trestles in the garage for final alignment and the installation of the plywood backs and the rest of the storage sidings.

Oh and if anyone knows a good source of cheap tube (something quite sturdy and capable of taking a small hole for a grub screw, with an internal diameter of 12.5mm (I can live with 13mm) then please let me know – thanks.


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