Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mixed success

The other hoffs have been installed and connected with mixed success.  They all work but 3 of the 4 don’t throw far enough.  1 is very close, the other 2 are not.  The reason appears to be that the plastic tiebars of the peco points allow the piano wire to twist in the hole slightly reducing its power and throw.  Thus I have decided to attach some small pads of copper clad to the point tiebars and to solder the piano wire to that.  Problem is that piano wire is hardened steel and soldering that to copper is impossible with my current setup.  Thus I’m going to find some thin copper or brass tubing for the piano wire to live in and solder the tube to the copper clad and attach that to the tiebar.  So, off to find some tubing…

In other news the magnets arrived and are immense – so powerful!  I also attached the two hidden sidings support struts and cut struts to support the storage sidings.  The garage is looking really tidy now too!

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