Friday, May 14, 2010

More progress

The first traverser setup has been completed after a bit of messing around and the movement of the sliders to the edge of the traverser.  There remains some extra bracing to be added to the structure and a hardboard ‘safety net’ in case anything happens to fall through, and of course tracks for storage on the right and the mainline connection on the left to be done.  Hidden sidings 2 needs to be similarly treated.  It was getting dark though!


Inside, I started the process of ballasting the new track.  Blobs of blu-tak were used to avoid ballast getting where it shouldn’t.  Later I also installed, fed and ballasted the final piece of track, although it needs final alignment at the board end (I will do this once the station board is erected next to it to assure a decent cross-board join alignment.  The sleeper grime stands ready for use once all is dried!



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