Friday, May 21, 2010

why I hate peco points

I’m beginning to feel that it would have been far easier to have built my own points, I have already relaid the yard points once to make them DCC ‘friendly’ and now it looks like I’m going to have to remove the tiebars and replace with copper clad.

Various attempts at getting the hoffmanns to throw the points fully across have all failed – altering the position of the motor, sticking pads to the tiebar, glueing the throw rod to the tie bar etc etc etc etc

After solving the problem of the throw rod twisting in the tiebar hole by glueing it in, the new problem is that the tiebar bends vertically when the throw rod moves – arggghhh!  Simply there is too much flex in the plastic tiebars.

Having taken apart an old point you can see that the alteration should be  easy… This will then allow me to drill through the new tiebar and to solder brass tube directly onto the copper having been poked through from below, the throw rod (piano wire) will then sit inside that tube and……. hopefully……… work! 

Long term this is probably a good mod anyway for reliability.

P1090196 P1090197

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