Thursday, May 13, 2010

Testing the hoffs


A quick break for lunch today and I tested a hoffmann point motor with the lenz ls150 – it works brilliantly and without the diodes suggested in the instructions (friends were correct in that these are not necessary).

I moved the accessory decoder position too as otherwise I would have had to lengthen the supply wires of the 16v AC in and DCC power in.

I have set the pulse duration to 5 or 0.5 sec which is enough to ensure the hoffmann completes its throw in the pulse duration.  The default was just 0.1 sec and wasn’t enough.

Now to connect up all the wires to the decoder (I left them labelled with little white stickers ready!).

Then I’ll pin down the track (small holes have been drilled in the sleepers ready) and ballast before the hoffs get installed.

I also need an extra switch output for 2 of the hoffs to power the point indictor LED ‘signals’. 

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