Friday, May 21, 2010

Problems there

Unfortunately the idea of using araldite to glue pieces of copper clad to the point tiebar has failed, I suspect because of the kind of plastic from which the tiebar is made.  It did affix, but not very well and eventually came away. 

I also tried bending the piano wire into a loop at the top and attaching this to the tiebar through two holes instead of one, but this was no more effective as the wire still pivots – it needs to be properly attached to the tiebar somehow so it can’t pivot but will throw horizontally.  Back to the drawing board. 

Ideas are to melt the tiebar so it encapsulates the piano wire, but this is dangerous if it doesn’t work.  I’ve tried adding some superglue to the loop for now, although it is difficult to stop this flowing and setting the whole tiebar solid.  I can’t replace the whole tiebar now as it’s all ballasted.  anyone got any other ideas?

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Andy in Germany said...

A couple of pictures of the problem and what you want to do may help.

(Or maybe the fact I can't visualise it shows I don't understand well enough to come up wit a solution...)