Friday, March 06, 2009

Carriage bonanza

Loads to report - a real carriage roofing bonanza tonight! Here's Ashbury corridor No. 25 (full height as per the original and the replica being built by the WHHR). Etched brass bogies were completed for this, including brass pinpoint bearings.

Here's the buffet car done too. Bogies were also assembled for this.

FR Long bowsider No. 20 for my Colonel Stephens' era train. This also had bogie mounting stretchers added with captive nuts.

I did the Zoo car (Bug semi-open No. 1) and found it pretty easy, so I did all five bugs:

The pickering brake was harder - the duckets stood up too much, so the roof had to come off, and after some judicious filing, it now looks fine.

The Gladstone car has a roof, captive nuts inside above the bogie holes, new bogies with white metal axleboxes and (the ridiculously brittle) steps added.

Earlier in the day I had started one of the three new WHR saloons (2043-5). I tacked the ends on and found a problem - quite a gap above the top of the panelling. This remains an issue and will be considered tomorrow. I might have to file the ends down a little and resolder the sides on slightly higher. Basically its annoying as the sides can't drop any lower really due to the way the chassis works. ummmmm.

But I did manage to complete roofs for the 2 semi-opens 2020 and 2021.


and the unusual 2042, with its beading between the windows and original style panels above the windows.

and least I forget, I also finished the roofs on Vans 4 and 5 (ex carrs 11 and 12), two useful brake vehicles for heritage trains. Sat next to the WHR saloons, the loading gauge differences between FR and WHR are apparent!


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