Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The first etched brass kit I ever built was FR observation carriage No. 100 (now mess car 1000 on the WHR). Frankly it showed and in attempting to add a roof yesterday it became obvious that the whole thing was a mess. So, it has been scrapped. Whilst remaining very aware of my deficiencies, it is fair to say that I've come a long way since then!

So, moving on...more 10 BA nuts arrived and nearly every carriage now has them added to the floor above the bogie pivot holes, now that this is my favoured approach for bogie attachment.

Also 4 FR barns No.s 104-107 have all had roofs added and in the case of 2 which don't come with interiors (the worsley ones) these have been added, although they are just hacked down standard liliput interiors, and so sport a central gangway, not the 2+1 arrangement that is really correct. will anyone notice?

Much research has been done into NWNGR and heritage WHR train formations to ensure that I've got the right carriages to run behind Moel Tryfan and Beddgelert. A post about this will follow.

A small amount of scenic work has also been done on the layout, particularly in testing different forms of fencing.

I have a bit of a quandary over the bugs...I have attached the roofs prior to painting, which sounds obvious, but with a fixed floor, we have a glazing issue - I would obviously add this after painting, but wouldn't be able to.....ummmm..... what to do???

oh and a surprise email last week meant that I now have a decent (excellent actually) drawing of FR 1st obs 102. Happy days.


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