Wednesday, March 04, 2009

ultra-sound as a pound

This my friends is a technology I knew nothing about until yesterday - this is an ultrasonic cleaner.
Wikipedia says... "An ultrasonic cleaner, often colloquially referred to as a sonicator, is a cleaning device that uses ultrasound (usually from 15–400 kHz) and an appropriate cleaning solution to clean delicate items."
Indeed, and what's really cool about this?

You can use it to easily and quickly (3 mins) clean off flux and grease depositis off etched kits. Millions of tiny bubbles are created when ultrasonic sound is passed through liquid. It is these tiny bubbles combined with a huge pressure that create superb cleaning results. You onyl need to add warm tap water for general cleaning or tot of special natural 'Sea Clean' (made from seaweed) solution for enhanced/extensive cleaning.

and what does this space-age technology cost? £30 from ebay.

Needless to say I am hopeful that this (as well as cleaning jewellery, CDs/DVDs, cutlery, nibs etc) will save a lot of time prior to priming my models.


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