Saturday, March 14, 2009

Progress has been slow for obvious reasons, but I have been able to get a bit done when both children were asleep.

First the bad news.

In attempting to solder on the tricky Pullman 2115 roof, I unfortunately mangled one of the windows and broke the cant rail above it. This took a good 30 mins to 'correct' and it's not perfect yet, although I think it passable. Claire thinks I'm being pedantic! It's the far window in the image below...

oh dear, anyway...

There will eventually be 4 seating styles in my stock. My guiding principle is that I want a base on which seated passengers look right, but that is quick and easy to install - I've too much to do to waste time building correct interiors at the moment (I may return later though). Firstly there is longitudinal seating of the parkside pattern - example below. This will be used in most heritage and NWNGR stock where its appropriate.

Secondly, the modern stock has been installed with resin castings (made for me specially by Port Wynnstay) of 1+2 seating. The pattern was basically a bashed Liliput interior raised on a plinth and designed to tessellate. Below is an example in FR car 119. The pieces at the ends have had rebates drilled so that a captive nut for the bogie pivots fits underneath.
For carriages 15/16 southern pride models standard gauge bench seats have been cut down and glued back to back to emulate the high backed compartments in these carrs. Bowsiders 19/20 will be similarly treated. The shorter bowsiders 17/18 come with langley interiors already.
Not shown are the L+B bench style seats also made by langley. These will be used in the WHR semi-opens 2020 and 2021 (and 2022 if I ever make a model of that too).

In other news, the Pickering brake has received an underframe courtesy of some S shaped styrene forming the footboards. [The 'kit' comes just as a body!].

and Thomas helped me add the first layer of slate dust and small chippings to the 'tip' at the back of the other layout (which still hasn't got a name, so remains 'Nant Gwernol' for now).

I'm also making the platform signs for Rhyd Ddu at the moment, using slaters' plastic letters.


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