Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A lunch brake!

Firstly, here is 2090 the WHR brake saloon, which now includes a loo and a service area, having finally appeared from Boston Lodge yesterday, and (hurrah) the works have not altered the beading. All that was necessary was to blank out a few panels on one side only and add two new window bars, one at the end of the blanked out piece (easy) and another splitting a wide window into 2, where the toilet has been fitted, A piece of 30 thou plastic strip was glued across the back and then another was added on top inside the window, giving it extra strength and making it easier to fit. All done, so the roof was soldered on during lucnh today...hence the title 'lunch brake'! Next the paint...

Yesterday, Dad and I unexpectedly had the chance to get on with K1 when the kids had a long sleep. In addition to the parts already done by myself, Dad added the wheels and 20T gears to the axles, popped them into the frames and added the buffer beams including overlays. Then the flycranks were sawn (with a piercing saw) out of their fret (lost wax brass), broached and crankpins added after they were tapped 14BA. These are stored ready. I added the dome to the boiler and the headlights/filler tops to the tanks after drilling the correct size holes. The gearboxes have also been folded ready. So the loco looks like this now:


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