Thursday, March 05, 2009

We're all domed!

There are quite a few carriages on both the FR and WHR with domed ends - most of the tin cars, the obesrvation ends and the Pullman 2115.  I appear to have sorted a method for adding roofs to carriages with normal shapes, but what about these domes.

Well after much thought about resin castings, wooden roofs filed down etc I decided to give a new method a go on my least favourite carriage (in case it didn't work).  In case you're wondering this is FR 110.  

The idea is to add the central section in brass as if I were doing a normal carriage.  Then at the ends where the doors are, I cut a piece of brass to fit just inside the top and soldered it in place. This left a 'false floor' just at the ends, where I was able to add filler on top and mould it to fit the brass roof already soldered on.

The above image shows the second layer of filler on.  Once dry in the morning, I'll sand it all down.  It might need small amounts added to finish it, (the left hand side perhaps) but generally I feel this has worked and gives the right effect.  


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