Saturday, March 28, 2009

Really quick update

- Resin roofs for 119 and 120 have arrived and are being affixed.
- Seats for the longer bowsiders 19 and 20 were completed and glued in.
- 6 carrs have been found to need attention to their ride height and these are being attended too.
- Diamond mesh has arrived from scale link for the mesh on two bug boxes (zoo car and the forthcoming porthole bug)
- The mounting method for bogies has been settled (more on this in a future post), but requires the acquisition of over 60 3mm scale wheels. Dad is at a 3mm exhibition to source these.
- The WHR funkey has had air horns added and a hole drilled in its top light for the exhaust.

FR/WHR 2009 carriage formations have been announced (may change) as:

A: 100/124/122/116/106/113/118
B: 111/105/14/107/120/104/Van 5
C: 102/119/117/114/112/110
E: 2100/2010/2044/2041/2042/2045/2020/24 + B cycle wagon
F: 2115/2090/2043/2040/2060/2021/2022/23 + B cycle wagon

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