Monday, March 02, 2009


I have it on very good authority that the planned RTR Ffestiniog fairlie in 009 by roco see here:

may also be followed vintage RTR stock such as the FR bowsider, curly roofed van and slate waggons...

watch this space!

[I do hope that the roco loco is 1) DCC 2) quality and 3) a model of David Lloyd George and not Merddin, as Dad has made such a great job of my backwoods kit that I wouldn't swap that!]


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stephen said...

If there's a plan for vintage stock that kind of suggests to me it might be a vintage Fairlie to go with. But then a modern Fairlie with vintage stock is also valid! Even if it does turn out to be ME perhaps there would be scope to imagineer the one in the NRM (Livingston Thompson?) being returned to service.