Saturday, March 07, 2009

A right kerfuffle

Well, after much messing about, including pretty much a complete dismantle and rebuild the two new WHR saloons 2043 and 2044 now have roofs that fit.  Yippee.  The concern is that the other one (2045) is the carriage that we test painted last summer.  Taking that apart is not really a palatible option, so I'm going to have a think about it!

Also roofed today are FR No. 26, which has previously been used on the WHR and two original NWNG Summer cars, I will probably make one of each version - one with glazed windows and one just with window bars.

So, to catch up, I now have 31 carriages with roofs.  cool.  That means I can nearly make up 10 trains.  Needed now for the grand 11 train plan are:
  • 2090 (wait to see how it comes out of Boston Lodge)
  • 2010/2100 (kits required - worsley works are working on these using photographs [2010 is actually very similar to 2043 etc] and a photograph of a drawing for 2100 is freely available on the WHR project site - official drawings are hard to come by for commercial kit purposes)
  • 2045 mentioned above needs thought to avoid undoing the paintwork done already.
  • 2115 domed roof needs thought, but my test on car 110 has worked fine
  • 1000 - another domed roof
  • The Pickering brake needs an underframe, although it has a roof now
  • NWNGR brake No.1 (underframe complete, needs body constructing/roof).
  • Quarryman brake (needs an underframe and a roof)
  • Representative FR set: need 100 and 124 (scratch building underway), 114 and 112 (roofs needed, these are next on the workbench).

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