Thursday, February 04, 2010

and then…

I went into the garage to find some insulated joiners and came across a hoffmann slow action motor that dad had given me a few years ago.  These have also been recommended to me by friends and work well with DCC accessory decoders as they require 16v AC just like solenoids.  They come with integrated polarity switching and you can buy extra switches for signal switching etc.

A few issues remain to be answered on this, but maybe this is the answer…?

The fulgurex thing is not so much the current draw say gaugemaster, but that it requires DC input and although with tortoises this can be overcome, no-one has managed to make a fulgurex work like this.  They are also considerably larger than these hoffmanns. 


The first point being butchered!  Don’t worry nothing is broken – insulated joiners will be added as a new pivot and the blades glued back on to the tiebar. A new plastic piece will be added to stop the point moving to the right and disconnecting the insulated joiners.

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